TrollFace Quest 5

Troll Face Quest 5 game online

Trollface Quest Is one of the most adventure full puzzle game based on points and clicks. You just need to Solve mysteries and problems to make your troll face protected from other trolls. Trollface Quest 5 is the most addicting episode of this series. Football fever will never gone from the football lover. The World Cup is ready to start. You just need to troll the players. Be attentive and sharp to finish level after level.

This game can be played with mouse only. Good Control help you to finish
One perk this version offers that version 1 did not is that the game automatically saves. When you exit a level and go back to the level map, you can easily find what level you played last and re-enter it.
A Trollface Quest 5 walkthrough video is available at Youtube and Dailymotion. It will show you step by step how to finish each level. See and have fun. tetris Free Unblocked Games

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